Mini-Workshop on Gravitational Waves and their First Detection

During November 28 - December 2, 2016, (with a possible extension to the week after) we will hold a very-mini-workshop on advanced topics in Gravitational Waves and their First Detection by LIGO. Room: 315D on the 3rd floor of CBPF. Here follows a tentative schedule:

Monday November 28

Time: 10-11:30h

Speaker: Arthur Scardua (CBPF) on 'Data Analysis and Post-Newtonian Theory for GW Detection'

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Tuesday November 29

Time: 10-11:30h

Speaker: Marc Casals (CBPF) on 'Quasinormal Modes/Ringdown and -maybe- Superradiance'

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Wednesday November 30

Time: 10-11:30h

Speaker: Luis Micchi (CBPF) on 'Tests of General Relativity with Gravitational Waves'

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Thursday December 1

Time: 10-11:30h

Speaker: Rafael Aranha (UERJ) on 'the Initial Value Problem in Numerical Relativity'

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Friday December 2

Time: 10-11:30h

Speaker: Gabriel Silva (CBPF) on 'Graviton and Quantum-Gravity Imprint on Gravitational Waves'

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Week of December 5-9: on one day, we will hold an informal group discussion (for a couple of hours) with visitor Prof. Adrian Ottewill from University College Dublin.

-- MarcCasals - 2016-11-25

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